Coronavirus in India: how to apply online for the curfew e-pass by state during lockdown

Coronavirus in India: how to apply online for the curfew e-pass by state during lockdown

COVID-19 E-Pass Apply Online [State Wise Status Application Form Corona Lockdown Curfew Pass, Procedure कर्फ्यू पास

COVID-19 E-Pass Apply Online {State Wise}: The whole world is suffering from a corona-virus epidemic. Due to the coronavirus government of India has been implemented the lockdown across the country. Lockdown COVID 19 ePass Apply Online link state-wise provided below. Firstly, the lock-down was of 21 days now PM Narendra Modi extended the lockdown till 3rd May 2020. Every citizen of India needs to follow the lock-down, and if anyone has important work only then he/she are allowed to come out of their home. COVID-19 Curfew Pass Application link.

Since India was placed under lockdown on 24 March, movement throughout the country has been restricted to essential journeys only but some state governments have started issuing Emergency curfew e-passes which are now available online. All of those who are involved in the movement of essential goods and supplies across any of the country’s 28 states or union territories will need to apply for a an e-pass or movement pass.

Travelling between states in India with an e-pass

The e-pass will only be issued to those performing what is classified as essential work – healthcare work, the supply and distribution of food and medical supplies, police and fire services, security forces, courier services, providers of utility services such as electricity and water, supply and distribution of animal feed…

Applying for an e-pass does not automatically mean you will be granted one. Local administration authorities will determine who is entitled to an e-pass and who isn’t at their own discretion.

On the application form, information such as full name and address of the applicant, identification (Aadhar Card number, driving license), vehicle license number (DMV) and registration will need to be given together with an official letter of authorisation from the applicant’s company or place of work along with a recent, passport-size photograph. Some states might ask for other information such as a mobile phone number to be able to receive SMS authentication codes. Others, for instance Goa, might ask for information about the type and quantity of goods being transported.

Below is a list of how and where to apply for an e-pass in each state/union territory

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Contact the sub-divisional magistrates for your region by phone

 Andhra Pradesh









Himachal Pradesh 

Jammu and Kashmir





Madhya Pradesh






Tamil Nadu


Uttar Pradesh


West Bengal

What are Needy Services for Curfew E-Pass?

There are many services in the country which are very important to be at work. So these are some services that are important for citizens of India.

  1. Electricity and Water Branch
  2. Government and Private Bank Employee
  3. Hospitals and All the Health Services
  4. Transportation Department (Bus, Railways, Flights etc)
  5. Communication and Internet Phone co-operation
  6. General and Retailer Shops
  7. All Government Workers
  8. Goods Manufacturing Industries and their employees
  9. Food Department
  10. Police Forces
  11. Fire Administration
  12.  All type of ATM’s
  13.  Petrol Pump in all area
  14. Emergency lines like Ambulance
  15. Courier Services

Who is Eligible for Corona Lockdown E-Pass?

Citizens of India who is continuously working to help the people these citizens can be hospital staff, policemen, employees of industries and courier service etc. only these bodies are eligible to go out for work except these no one is allowed to go outside.

Authority will check all the documents before granting the e-pass to the people. Only those citizens will get the e-pass who are somehow providing important services. Necessary items for living like fruits and vegetable are allowed to sell their things without any e-pass.



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